How to Update Blogotex Server

In this video, we’ll walk you step by step through your Blogotex server update procedure. You can always check in System->Devices inside Blogotex whether your server version is up to date. If it says Update, you’ll better update. For example, our latest server update deals with the server not coming back online after sim rolling restarts. So make sure your device is up to date.

UPDATE: All items from System menu have been moved to Brand menu! 

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Video Contents:

00:16 STEP 1 – Log in
00:31 STEP 2 – Request New Device
00:43 STEP 3 – Rezz New Server
00:54 STEP 4 – Backup Contents
01:23 STEP 5 – Reassign Servers

01:37 STEP 6 – Place Contents in New Server
01:58 STEP 7 – Retrieve Products and NCs
02:14 STEP 8 – Delete Old Server
02:21 STEP 9 – Clean Up