Basic Server Setup

In this video, we’ll show you how to set up your Blogotex server. All steps are valid for Platinum and Platinum+ packages. If however, you have purchased a Silver or Gold package – some steps might appear with less functionality or could not be there at all. Eventure package owners (package that we’ve been made for Second Life event owners) will require a slightly different setup process, while some basics are still the same.

UPDATE: All items from System menu have been moved to Brand menu! User Profile is now called My Profile  and can be access by clicking on your name on top right.

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Video Contents:

00:12 STEP 1 – Rezzing Devices
00:43 STEP 2 – Notecards and Reminders
01:47 STEP 3 – Setting Web Password
02:13 STEP 4 – Brand Info and Rules
02:41 STEP 5 – Deadlines
03:32 STEP 6 – Categories

04:29 STEP 7 – Products
07:04 STEP 8 – Adding Bloggers
08:37 STEP 9 – Growing Your Team
08:55 STEP 10 – CoCreators and Managers
09:41 STEP 11 – Reviewing Posts