Things to Try Before Asking for Support

If something is not working for you – make sure you have done these steps before contacting us:

1. Clear your Second Life® browser cache;
2. Clear your Web browser’s cache;
3. Make sure your web browser is updated. WE DO NOT SUPPORT OLD AND OUTDATED WEB BROWSERS;
4. Try different web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.);
5. Disable and see whether your web browser’s addons and extensions do not cause the trouble;
6. If nothing helps – please contact us.

How to Report a Problem

Please provide as many details as possible.

1. Your Second Life® legacy name;
2. Brand’s name where the problem appears;
3. A detailed
 description of the problem and ways how we can reproduce the problem at our end (screenshots or video clips might greatly help).
4. Send an inworld notecard to Blogotex Resident in Second Life® or contact us through our Facebook Page. We’ll answer your question as soon as possible, however in some cases, it might take up to 1-2 business days.

Please do not send messages with plain “Hello”. While greeting is a great thing – there’s no way we can provide support for “Hello”! 🙂