How can I join Blogotex?

Bloggers – please TP to a brand’s store you want to blog for. If the brand uses Blogotex – you’ll find Blogotex Access Point there. Click it and fill the application form. Once your application gets reviewed and accepted – you’ll get an inworld notification! At that moment only your Blogotex account gets created and you can access it by clicking the same inworld Access Point. Once logged in – please go to System->User and set your Login Password so you can access your Blogotex account directly from members.blogotex.com

Creators – Please order your desired package. You’ll receive a setup box with your Blogotex server, Access Point, and instructions.

Event Owners – Please IM Blogotex Resident inworld since Blogotex Event edition is only available upon request.

I've changed my SL™ name but Blogotex doesn't know about it!

Once you have changed your SL legacy name (not your screen name) – you should update your Blogotex account’s name as well. Here’s how: Please go to any Blogotex Access Point inworld and give it a click. This will automatically fetch your new name and update your Blogotex account accordingly. Now, if you’re using our login web page to access Blogotex – please provide your new name in the login form, old won’t work anymore. The password stays the same as you had before.

Does Blogotex provide a single payment purchase option?

Unfortunately no. There’s no single price tag you can put on ongoing new features development, technical maintenance, and customer support we provide daily. That’s why Blogotex is subscription-based.

You can however pre-pay any amount you choose to prolong your subscription. That will save you time and you won’t need to remember to come to our inworld office every week.