More Features in Blogger’s Profile

August 6, 2020

Up until now, managers were able to see how many days each blogger has left until the closest deadline. While that is quite informative for a general overview, there are situations where you would want to get a much more in-depth picture that would answer any of these questions:

  • Does the blogger have one or multiple deadlines?
  • Are those general or product-related deadlines?
  • Are those auto-deadlines (reoccurring after each submitted post) or deadlines for fixed monthly periods etc?

All those questions are now answered in the blogger’s profile.

To open a blogger’s profile – please click on the blogger’s name from any of the lists under the Posts or Bloggers sections. From there on the right-hand side – click on Deadlines (see [1] in the pic) and you’ll get a list with all the current deadlines this blogger has. The first column indicates how many posts should be delivered within a particular deadline. Next, it describes what should be delivered. Then how many days are left. And finally, the last column offers you one or several actions you can perform (see [2] in the pic). Depending on the situation you can either reset a deadline to its initial state or remove it completely.

Deadlines will be displayed as frozen if the blogger has submitted either a blogpost or deadline change request which you haven’t reviewed yet. You’ll not be able to manage frozen deadlines until they get unfrozen.

Another handy thing we’ve noticed was missing is the ability to accept, reject, or suspend a blogger directly from her profile. This comes handy in situations where you open a blogger’s profile to check her performance and want to change her blogger’s status afterward (see [3] in the pic).

Enjoy this update and talk soon! 🙂