Introducing Photo Wall

November 1, 2020

Today’s update is all about Blogotex platform becoming more social. It’s not a secret – we have gathered so many talented people in one place. It’s truly amazing to see how Blogotex has evolved during these years!

So we thought, why don’t we add a way so everyone could show their work, receive feedback and inspire, and motivate others. Well, of course, you can do that on all kinds of different social platforms all over the web, however, none of them brings you all together under one roof.

Let us present you a PHOTO WALL! While it’s still in early beta, the basic concept is already there. Each month each Blogotex user can upload up to 3 photos which will be seen globally by the whole Blogotex community. That means everyone will be able to see your creations, leave ratings, and engage in conversations through comments. This is also a great opportunity to be spotted by managers and brand owners who might invite you to their teams based on what they see you’re capable of.

As you know – inspiration is one of the important ingredients when it comes to blogging. Our vision for PHOTO WALL is that it could provide you with a needed boost. Each month system will pick the 10 most rated photos and collect them under the “Hall of Fame” section, so we do not lose what was liked the most. And then – next month everything begins with fresh photos again. Yes, we don’t want you to create endless albums with all the work you’ve ever done. That would be called an archive. Instead – we put an accent on freshness. Each month – fresh content so we keep it always in motion, always evolving!

Also updated in this iteration:

  • We’ve reworked a user profile. You can now add a photo, social links, and description into your profile (click top right corner where your name is displayed). Now, through public features like PHOTO WALL – your profile will be accessible by anyone. However, we’ve also added a way so you can hide your profile from those who are outside of your current team you’re in.
  • Chat window has been moved from Chat menu to Dashboard;
  • System menu has been removed and its submenus are now located under the Brand or Event menu since most of them belonged there anyway;
  • In multiple places we’ve added an action confirmation dialogue so you do not delete stuff accidentally;
  • Some small tiny bugfixes / improvements here and there.