First Round Winners

November 25, 2020

Congratulations to our Photo Wall first round winners!

1st place / 253 stars: floreyan Resident (
2nd place / 219 stars: Tarja Haven (https://fashion-4-fun–
3rd place / 189 stars: lIIllIIIlIllIII Resident (

We’re extremely happy to receive your feedback saying that posting your work on Photo Wall actually did result in brands managers approaching you and inviting you to their blogger teams.

In total you’ve uploaded 1886 photos during the first round. That made us realize that whole month is probably way too long for one round to run. We’ll experiment with much shorter rounds in future.

We’ve also observed that while photo is on first few pages of either Recent or Top listings – it gets most of its stars. Later on the activity tends to slow down. Therefore now you’ll be able to use a feature called Visual Boost that will place your chosen photo above Recent and Top listings for next 24 hours. And to make it even more dynamic – other users, if they fall in love with your art, can send a gift – 5 stars one time rating boost and/or activate 24h visual boost described above. Nevertheless, if that sounds bit complicated, wait till next round starts and everything will fall in place as soon as you’ll see it!

Can’t wait to see your next beautiful masterpieces! 🙂