Color Coding

April 8, 2021

Today’s update gives brands and their managers the ability to color-code bloggers and their posts. Which color to use and when to assign it – that’s up to your team to decide internally. It might be that you want to mark those bloggers who did exceptionally well in the past. Or maybe you want to mark those posts that touched your heart! Whichever way you decide it to use – 8 colors palette is there for you to choose from.

Currently, there are 3 places from where you can apply color-coding:

  • Posts Section (new and accepted lists);
  • Bloggers Section (new apps, active, waiting, vacation, suspended, rejected, left lists);
  • Blogger’s Profile (color-coding area is located right below blogger’s name).

The default color code is gray. To change it – simply click the color-code area and choose a color from the palette. At any time you can revert it to default, by choosing a gray color from the palette.

PLEASE NOTE: Color-coding is only visible for brand management – creator, cocreators, and managers.

We want to thank you for your constructive feedback. This new feature was purely suggested by you – our dear users. Your ideas and suggestions help us to deliver exactly what you need and today’s update is a great example of how this works. Thank you for being with us and helping to shape Blogotex to become even better!