November 14, 2020

Each Blogotex user may earn different types of badges. All the badges will be visible in each user’s profile.

One group of badges are assigned by Blogotex system upon reaching a certain milestone. For example – a blogger has submitted the first 50 posts that got accepted by one or multiple brands. Or a user has submitted her photo to Blogotex Photo Wall and it received ratings that landed it in the top 10 for a particular month – that’s another badge earned.

And then there are badges that will be assigned by brand managers individually. Here we start with a badge called “Post We Love the Most”. A badge that manager may give to a blogger that really did a fantastic job and who’s post stood out of the rest. Each brand will only have a limited number of these badges available per month which will really make them evaluate each post’s uniqueness and excellence before rewarding with the badge.

Managers can assign these badges from Posts -> Accepted Posts view. And only to posts submitted no earlier than previous month’s 1st day.

Once you receive a badge, you’ll see a small number popping up inside Blogotex right before your username on the top right. Clicking on it will take you to your profile and from there in My Badges section, you’ll be able to see all your earned badges, as well as Badges Log, telling which badge was issued by whom and when.

With time and more badges collected – the user’s profile might become a great addition helping managers to evaluate new bloggers wanting to join a brand’s team. Whether or not it will evolve into something we’ll call a “Blogotex reputation” – time will show!

Enjoy 🙂