Adding Bloggers Manually has Changed

October 3, 2020

We’ve changed the way how manager adds a specific blogger to her bloggers team manually. It worked like this: the manager had to go to Bloggers section, click the “add blogger manually” icon, enter blogger’s name, and specify which product categories blogger will be blogging.

There were two disadvantages to this approach. First – blogger’s profile was always left half-empty since blogger didn’t provide any additional information she would usually do when filling an application form. Second – manager was required to perfectly know which categories each blogger will be blogging. We’ve also missed a step when blogger had to choose whether she wants to join or she doesn’t.

So we changed the mechanics of how this works. Now, if manager wants to add a specific blogger individually – she goes to Bloggers section, clicks an “invite” icon, specifies blogger’s name, and enters optional greeting text. Blogger will see the invitation from her dashboard. If blogger doesn’t want to accept the invitation – she simply deletes it and that’s it. However, if she is willing to accept it – she’ll have to fill an application form, providing all the info required (including which product categories she’ll be blogging). The key difference here is that once blogger submits the application form, she’ll be automatically accepted to the team without manager reviewing anything.

Please note, that invitation feature will only work with those bloggers who have an active Blogotex account and have not specified in their profile settings that they don’t want to receive any invitations.