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  • Product DEMOS! Creators can now add demos to their products. Bloggers can try demo without any obligations before committing to blogging it.


  • In Products section Creator/Manager can now check the posting progress for every listed product: total number of accepted posts featuring this product / number of bloggers who have taken the product but haven't yet posted. Clicking on each number provides more details;
  • In Blogger's profile Creator/Manager can see a list of products blogger has taken and how many times each were blogged.


  • Bloggers can edit any submitted and still pending post and correct submitted URLs and/or optional comment in case it was entered wrong
  • Bloggers can now make corrections to rejected post within 7 days after rejection and resubmit it for another review


  • When Blogger submits a post, products selection dropdown will show how many times each product has been blogged. Products that haven't yet been blogged - will be displayed in darker color
  • Bloggers Products view now shows how many times each product has been blogged


  • Bloggers can now request a vacation
  • New cathegory Vacation in Bloggers view for Creators and Managers
  • In brands list bloggers can now see number of products that hasn't been blogged yet
  • Visual improvements and several bugfixes


  • Bloggers can now add an optional comment when submitting a blogpost


  • New deadline type has been added: Monthly Schedule
  • Multiple Bugfixes


  • Brands list's functionality improved in Dashboard
  • Bloggers can specify multiple products per post!
  • Creators can upgrade to any higher package directly from Dashboard!


  • Creators / Managers can now attract more Bloggers to their brand by creating a paid Ad. Campaign can be created from Brand->Advertisment. BETA!


  • Managers can now easily delete all bloggers from Rejected List with one click of a button! Creators can set system to perform auto-delete of those rejected bloggers who have been on the list for more than X number of days automatically.


  • Managers and creators now have a cathegory named Left added to a bloggers section which holds all the blogger names who have decided to leave your brand;
  • Brand's list has got an action column from where bloggers and managers can leave any brand they're in as well as hide those brands they've been rejected or suspended from;
  • Info about Blogotex updates will no more be sent as dashboard messages. Changelog notification line will appear on top of the dashboard until user opens and reads it.


  • Product Related Deadline can now be customized by specifying whether counting of given number of days starts from moment you setup the deadline or from moment when blogger requests a product. That gives creators and managers a way to put out product and expect bloggers to blog it in a fixed timeframe after which it won't be accessible anymore;
  • Dashboard now displays a summary list of all your brands, deadlines and statuses.


  • Introducing product related deadlines;
  • Enhancing deadline system with more intelligent freezing algorythm;
  • Bloggers can now reuqest a cancelation or reset of particular deadline;
  • Blogpost requires bloggers to specify a name of a blogged product;
  • see video


  • Creators/Managers can now upload a picture for every product;
  • Product notes allow you to specify a custom description/note for every product;
  • see video


  • Deadline freeze stops the deadline timer as soon as blogger submits a blogpost and unfreezes it once manager/creator has reviewed the post


  • Creators can now turn a posting deadline completely off;
  • Bloggers can mark which product they've blogged and which they haven't;
  • see video

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